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Flu animations, pandemic animations, treatments animations – medical education MOA
Flu illustrations, pandemic illustrations, treatments illustrations – medical illustrations MOA
Dr Nano
Flu vaccine: Nasal drops may succeed where shots have failed
Scientists use a novel approach to design flu vaccines in which the body's immune response is preserved and the virus's defense mechanisms are attacked.
The perils of sneezing incorrectly
A recently published case study describes a patient who perforated his throat by sneezing. In this article, we explain how you can avoid the same fate.
All you need to know about myositis
A look at the condition myositis, an illness where inflammation occurs within organ tissue. Learn more about how it is diagnosed and the causes here.
What you should know about roseola
A look at roseola, a viral infection that includes fever and rash. Included is detail on what the rash looks like and risk factors for the infection.
Man flu: Urban myth or scientific reality?
A new study published in the Christmas edition of the BMJ explores the science behind the so-called man flu phenomenon, finding evidence to back it.
Lemon, honey, and alcohol: Which is best for sore throat?
What is your drink of choice when you have a sore throat? The editorial office staff voted, but what does the scientific evidence say about their choices?
Flu and colds: Why do we cough?
Whether dry or chesty, coughing fits are customary when flu or the common cold is involved. But what causes us to cough? We investigate.
Does an onion in the sock work for a cold?
A look at the folk remedy of an onion in the sock for cold and flu treatment. We determine whether it works, and explore the other benefits of onions.
Cancer cell growth halted with cold and flu drug
A drug commonly used to ease cold and flu symptoms can starve cancer cells of the proteins they need to grow and divide, a new study finds.
Why do colds and flu strike in winter?
As we head into winter, we may be more likely to catch a cold. But why is that, and how does weather affect our chances of coming down with the flu?
Why does my body ache?
Body aches often occur alongside other symptoms. Recognizing other symptoms can help a person identify the cause and whether they should see a doctor.
Are hot drinks or ice pops better for sore throat?
When the cold and flu season strikes, sore throats appear all around us. Find out whether hot drinks or ice pops are better for relieving the pain.
Is pneumonia contagious? Causes and transmission
Pneumonia is an infection of the lung tissue that can make it difficult to breathe due to inflammation, fluid, and pus. Learn about how to prevent it here.
Head cold: Symptoms and home remedies
A head cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. It is usually a mild illness, but it can have a significant impact on everyday activities.
Good moods may boost flu shot efficacy for seniors
Flu vaccines are often less efficient in seniors, but a new study suggests that positive moods may improve the immune system response in people 65 or over.
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