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Dyslexia Animations – Learning Disorder Animations

Medical Animation Studio will produce custom Dyslexia animations and learning disorder animations. Also creating dyslexia illustrations and learning disorder illustrations.
3d medical graphics learning disorder method of action videos and Dyslexia 3d illustrations.
Dr Nano
Childhood stress reduced by natural-terrain schoolyards
Playing in schoolyards that feature natural habitats and trees and not just asphalt and recreation equipment reduces children's stress and inattention, according to a University of Colorado Boulder...
Researcher gives new meaning to semantics in reading
For years a key way of diagnosing dyslexia has been how well a person reads aloud. Similarly, the reading skills of adult readers also have been assessed by having them read words aloud.
The same genes influence children's reading and math abilities
New research from the UK finds that about half of genes that influence a child's reading ability can also affect their math capability.
Children with dyslexia at increased risk for physical abuse
Adults who have dyslexia are much more likely to report they were physically abused before they turned 18 than their peers without dyslexia, according to a new study from researchers at the...
Brain taught how to hear by rhythmic bursts of electrical activity from cells in ear
A precise rhythm of electrical impulses transmitted from cells in the inner ear coaches the brain how to hear, according to a new study led by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of...
Motion-sensing cells in the eye let the brain 'know' about directional changes
How do we "know" from the movements of speeding car in our field of view if it's coming straight toward us or more likely to move to the right or left?
Action video games may help people with dyslexia learn to read
In addition to their trouble with reading, people with dyslexia also have greater difficulty than typical readers do when it comes to managing competing sensory cues, according to a study reported in...
How the brain recognizes speech sounds is revealed
The shaping of sound by our mouths leaves “an acoustic trail” that allows us to understand speech, according to a new study published in Science.
For adding and multiplying, quality of white matter in the brain is crucial
A new study led by Professor Bert De Smedt (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven) has found that healthy 12-year-olds who score well in addition and multiplication have...
Less brain tissue not to blame for reading difficulties in dyslexia
In people with dyslexia, less gray matter in the brain has been linked to reading disabilities, but now new evidence suggests this is a consequence of poorer reading experiences and not the root...
Researchers report technique that enables patient with 'word blindness' to read again
In the journal Neurology, researchers report a novel technique that enables a patient with "word blindness" to read again.Word blindness is a rare neurological condition.
Western researchers explore links between learning disorders in children
New interdisciplinary research from Western University has uncovered fundamental links among three major learning difficulties in some school-age children.
Improving understanding of brain anatomy and language in young children
Researchers from Brown University and King's College London have gained surprising new insights into how brain anatomy influences language acquisition in young children.
E-readers benefit some dyslexics
A new study published in PLOS ONE reveals that e-reader devices help at least a third of dyslexic readers with comprehension, speed and ease of reading.
Dyslexia could be diagnosed by MRI brain scan
A recent MIT study that links the size of a language-processing area of the brain and difficulty reading could pave the way for earlier diagnosis of dyslexia via a type of MRI.
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