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Cancer animations, dermatitis animation and Eczema animations, psoriasis animations. Also, Cancer illustrations, Dermatitis illustrations, Acne illustrations, Eczema illustrations. Produce custom 3d medical illustrations from a top medical illustration company – one of the top medical animation companies on the east coast.

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What causes a pimple in the nose?
Pimples in the nose can cause pain and discomfort. They can often result from an ingrown hair and usually go away without treatment. However, a pimple in the nose can sometimes be the sign of a more serious condition, such as an infection. Learn more about causes and how to treat a pimple in the nose here.
How does psoriatic arthritis affect the hands?
Psoriatic arthritis can cause swelling, pain, and stiffness in the finger and hand joints. In this article, we look at ways to treat and manage the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis in the hands.
What to know about inverted nipples
Inverted nipples are relatively common in both males and females, and nipple inversion is not a cause for concern. Though no treatment is usually necessary, there are several methods of correcting the inversion. Learn more here.
What to know about age spots (liver spots)
Age spots, or liver spots, are common and harmless. They do not require treatment, but people can get rid of them with creams and cosmetic procedures. Age spots can resemble certain forms of skin cancer, and anyone concerned about an age spot should speak with a doctor.
Why are my feet swollen?
There are many explanations for why a person may have swollen feet. Some causes, such as a twisted or sprained ankle, are obvious. Others might be less apparent but need urgent medical attention. These include a blood clot in the leg, heart failure, and preeclampsia. Find out when to see a doctor for swollen feet here.
Crohn's mouth ulcers: What to know
People with Crohn’s disease may be more prone to mouth ulcers. Learn about the reasons why in this article. We also cover possible treatments.
How to identify psoriasis and ringworm
Psoriasis and ringworm both cause red, scaly rashes to appear on the skin. Learn how to tell psoriasis and ringworm apart, plus how to identify other common skin rashes, here.
How to tell the difference between psoriasis and skin cancer
Psoriasis and skin cancer both change the skin’s appearance. Being able to recognize these diseases can result in early treatment and a better outlook. Learn to distinguish between symptoms of psoriasis and skin cancer here.
11 triggers for psoriasis flares
People with psoriasis experience flares where the symptoms worsen. Triggers include stress, certain medications, and skin injuries. Here, we explore possible triggers for psoriasis flares and tips on how to avoid and manage them.
Symptoms and severity of plaque psoriasis
Plaque psoriasis is the most common form of psoriasis. Treatment will depend on the severity of the symptoms, which doctors may determine using grading scales. In this article, we provide pictures of plaque psoriasis to help people identify the condition.
What to know about Accutane and Crohn's
Some cases studies have identified a possible link between Accutane, an acne medication, and the development of Crohn’s disease. Does this medication increase a person’s risk? We look at the research.
What can cause flushed skin?
Flushed skin is often a harmless and short-lived reaction to being too hot, exercising, or having emotional responses, including anxiety and embarrassment. However, flushing can sometimes be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as rosacea, certain cancers, or an endocrine disorder. Learn more here.
Is my rash psoriasis or folliculitis?
Psoriasis and folliculitis are both skin conditions that can cause small bumps on the skin. The causes, other symptoms, and treatment of the two conditions are different. In this article, we look at how to identify and treat psoriasis and folliculitis.
Psoriasis and pityriasis rosea: What's the difference?
Psoriasis and pityriasis rosea are common skin conditions that can cause patches of scaly, red skin. In this article, we look at the causes and treatment of these conditions and how people can identify each of them.
How can psoriasis affect the mouth and tongue?
Psoriasis can affect any part of the body, including the mouth and tongue. The tongue may develop cracks and fissures, or smooth, red patches, in a complication called geographic tongue. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for psoriasis on the tongue here.
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