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Medical Animation - Cell Illustration

3d holographic blood cell medical illustration

Red blood cell animation

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"Red cell" redirects here. For the US military term, see Red Cell. For The NCIS episode, see Red Cell (NCIS).

Red blood cells are the most common type of blood cell and the vertebrate body's principal means of delivering oxygen from the lungs or gills to body tissues via the blood.[1]
Human red blood cells
Human red blood cells

Red blood cells are also known as RBCs, red blood corpuscles (an archaic term), haematids or erythrocytes (from Greek erythros for "red" and kytos for "hollow", with cyte translated as "cell" in modern usage).

A schistocyte is a red blood cell undergoing cell fragmentation, or a fragmented part of a red blood cell.

The capitalized term Red Blood Cells is the proper name in the US for erythrocytes in storage solution used in transfusion medicine.[2]

source wikipedia red blood cell

Red blood cell created by medical animation studio and tres 3d animation studio one of the top medical animation companies in the US.

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