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Malaria medical animation, Dengue Fever animation, Ebola animations, West Nile animation can be created by medical animation studios / Tres 3d.

Specializing in medical method of action videos and mechanism of action videos.  3D medical graphics for any MOA.  Medical story boards animating scientific visualization 3d medical models.  Yellow fever animations top notch animators for a top medical animation studio.

Dr Nano
Take advantage of evolution in malaria fight, scientists say
Scientists could harness the power of evolution to stop mosquitoes spreading malaria, according to new research by the University of Exeter and the University of California, Berkeley.
Nanoparticle vaccinates mice against dengue fever
Every year, more than 350 million people in over 120 countries contact dengue fever, which can cause symptoms ranging from achy muscles and a skin rash to life-threatening hemorrhagic fever.
Modified HIV-1 virus can integrate into genome of parasitic flatworm
Genetic manipulation of parasite that causes schistosomiasis could pave road to new treatments.
Researchers obtain first Zika sequence isolated from semen
A team of researchers from the United Kingdom has obtained the first complete genome sequence of Zika virus that was isolated from a semen sample.
Research findings may lead to promising zika virus drug targets
Following recent outbreaks of Zika virus and the potential health dangers of infection, especially during pregnancy, scientists are striving to rapidly develop effective antiviral drugs that can halt...
Scientific methods identify potential antivirals against chikungunya
Chikungunya virus has caused two recent massive outbreaks sickening millions of people.
Zika genome sequencing reveals immune-inhibiting viral molecule
Scientists map the genome of Zika virus from a patient - including noncoding regions - and identify a virus-derived molecule that targets host immunity.
Preliminary Zika vaccines prevent neurological disorders in newborn mice
Two vaccines against Zika virus developed at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have successfully conveyed immunity from female mice to pups conceived weeks after the mother's...
Zika virus lingers in nonhuman primates
After infection of monkeys, Zika virus is rapidly cleared from the blood but persists in semen and saliva for at least one month, reports a paper published online in Nature Medicine this week.
Follow-up of 11 infants with Zika virus identifies neurological impairments
A report on 11 infants in Brazil suggests the term "congenital Zika syndrome" be used to describe such cases because microcephaly (small head circumference) was only one of the clinical signs of...
Zika: Could virus spread via contact with sweat, tears?
Doctors discuss a rare case of a patient who died from Zika virus and the possibility of transmission to a second patient via contact with sweat and tears.
The structure of the BinAB toxin revealed: one small step for Man, a major problem for mosquitoes!
Could we get rid of mosquitoes without polluting the environment? Yes, we can!
Zika infects neural cells related to skull formation, affecting their function
Cranial neural crest cells - which give rise to the bones and cartilage of the skull - are vulnerable to Zika virus, report Stanford University School of Medicine researchers in Cell Host & Microbe.
New field test allows rapid diagnosis of Chikungunya virus infection
Like its relatives Dengue and Zika, Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, and both mosquitoes and viruses are extending their range.
Virginia Tech research team's discovery aims to reduce deaths caused by African sleeping sickness
A Virginia Tech research team has discovered an innovative way to inhibit the parasite that causes African sleeping sickness.
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