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Malaria medical animation, Dengue Fever animation, Ebola animations, West Nile animation can be created by medical animation studios / Tres 3d.

Specializing in medical method of action videos and mechanism of action videos.  3D medical graphics for any MOA.  Medical story boards animating scientific visualization 3d medical models.  Yellow fever animations top notch animators for a top medical animation studio.

Dr Nano
Parasitism runs deep in malaria's family tree
The ancestors of a large family of parasites - including those that cause malaria - were equipped to become parasites much earlier in their lineage than previously assumed, according to University...
Minipool technology to prepare immunoglobulins to treat primary immunodeficiency and fight viral infections, such as Ebola, in developing countries
A study publishing in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases describes a new, pragmatic, method for the production of immunoglobulin G (IgG) from human plasma in developing countries.
Scientists develop a novel method to suppress malaria parasite's virulence genes, break the code of its immune evasion
Up to one million people ¾ mainly pregnant woman and young children ¾ are killed each year by the Plasmodium falciparum parasite, which causes the most devastating form of human malaria.
Virginia Tech researchers discover possible drug target to combat sleeping sickness
Biochemists say interfering with parasite's cellular clockwork may curb diseaseVirginia Tech biochemists are trying to deliver a stern wake-up call to the parasite that causes sleeping sickness.
Quick test for Ebola
Simple paper strip can diagnose Ebola and other fevers within 10 minutesWhen diagnosing a case of Ebola, time is of the essence.
New study: Agriculture expansion in Tanzania may greatly increase human plague risk
Maize cultivation sparks surge in plague-carrying rodents; experts fear acceleration of agriculture production across Africa may carry same risks beyond TanzaniaThe push to boost food production...
Powerful dengue neutralizing antibody found
A new Duke-NUS-led study has identified a super-potent antibody which requires a minute amount to neutralize the dengue virus.
Possible strategy identified to combat major parasitic tropical disease
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists report results that suggest neutralizing a single protein may aid fight against a parasitic tropical disease that annually sickens more than 1.
Advance of resistant malaria 'poses serious global threat'
A study warns of global threat after finding malaria parasites resistant to the frontline drug artemisinin in samples taken across Myanmar and its border regions.
Medtech meets cleantech: Malaria vaccine candidate produced from algae
Cheap, green technique advances efforts toward malaria transmission vaccine in humansAn algae technique has been used to produce a candidate vaccine that prevents transmission of the malaria...
An Italian cemetery may provide clues on cholera's evolution
Burial grounds 'a thousand-year history' into human healthA team of archaeologists and other researchers hope that an ancient graveyard in Italy can yield clues about the deadly bacterium that...
Scientists seek to weaponize new family of bacteria to fight malaria
After discovering a new family of bacteria that uniquely colonizes disease-carrying mosquitoes, scientists are now investigating how to use them to fight the malaria parasite.
Bubonic bottleneck: UNC scientists overturn dogma on the plague
The current outbreak of the plague in Madagascar shines a light on the need for new approaches to treat the ancient pathogen.
'Numerous effects' of climate change on tropical diseases
Scientists reveal a variety of effects of climate change on different vector-borne diseases such as malaria, publishing ideas in a special issue of a journal of the Royal Society.
Satellites help scientists track deadly parasites
Scientists are developing a way to use satellite data such as rainfall, temperature, land usage and vegetation, to predict patterns of parasitic diseases such as malaria and worms.
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