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Discovery of anti-distraction system in the brain has implications for ADHD, schizophrenia
Two Simon Fraser University psychologists have made a brain-related discovery that could revolutionize doctors' perception and treatment of attention-deficit disorders.
How brain structures grow as memory develops through childhood has implications for schizophrenia, depression
Our ability to store memories improves during childhood, associated with structural changes in the hippocampus and its connections with prefrontal and parietal cortices.
A new intervention to improve well-being in people with psychiatric disorders
The benefits of incorporating approaches from positive psychology into existing understandings of mental health problems have recently been promoted by several policy development in UK.
Closing in on the mystery of schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a severe disease for which there is still no effective medical treatment.
Earliest roots of psychiatric disorders are likely exposure to environmental stressors during pregnancy
Newborns whose mothers were exposed during pregnancy to any one of a variety of environmental stressors - such as trauma, illness, and alcohol or drug abuse - become susceptible to various...
Those with a genetic predisposition to liking amphetamine are at a reduced risk of schizophrenia and ADHD
Genetic variants associated with enjoying the effects of d-amphetamine - the active ingredient in Adderall - are also associated with a reduced risk for developing schizophrenia and attention deficit...
Dopamine plays a key role in the hippocampus
The role that dopamine plays in a region of the brain called the hippocampus has been demonstrated, for the first time by Bruno Giros, PhD, a researcher at the Douglas Mental Health University...
How the schizophrenic brain misinterprets the world
The study from the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital - The Neuro - at McGill University and McGill University Health Centre, reveals that certain errors in visual perception in people with...
Exceptional insight into diseases like autism offered by the BrainSpan Atlas
Researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science have generated a high-resolution blueprint for how to build a human brain, with a detailed map of where different genes are turned on and off...
Schizophrenia reversed in adolescent mice by experimental cancer drug
Johns Hopkins researchers say that an experimental anticancer compound appears to have reversed behaviors associated with schizophrenia and restored some lost brain cell function in adolescent mice...
The brain's mechanism knows when to stop drinking water
Our brains are hardwired to stop us drinking more water than is healthy, according to a new brain imaging study led by The University Of Melbourne and the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental...
Complex brain functional network connection after stroke
Studies have shown that functional network connection models can be used to study brain network changes in patients with schizophrenia.
Impaired ability to imitate in schizophrenia confirmed by brain mapping
According to George Bernard Shaw, "Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery - it's the sincerest form of learning.
Forecasting psychosis risk
Only one third of individuals identified as being at clinical high risk for psychosis actually convert to a psychotic disorder within a 3 year follow-up period.
New study suggests contagious yawning is not linked to empathy
Contrary to previous research linking contagious yawning to empathy, a new study suggests this is not the case. But the team is conducting further studies into yawning and autism.
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