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Schizophrenia method of action videos custom MOA's.  Hallucination animations medical animated delusions.  Medical animation studio 3d medical simulations and medical device simulations.  Tres 3d top medical animation company.
Dr Nano
How important is the name of a disease? Do names influence treatment?
Does the name given to a disease affect how it is treated? We look at a number of examples from around the world and attempt to gauge the impact of a recommended name change.
Genome-wide screen of learning in zebrafish identifies enzyme important in neural circuit
Implications for understanding underlying molecular genetics of human neuropsychiatric disorders, according to Penn studyThis is a zebrafish hindbrain stained with an axonal marker in red and...
Autistic and non-autistic brain differences isolated for first time
New big data methodology can analyse over 1 billion pieces of dataThis is a brain model with regions of interest highlighted.
Altering brain chemistry makes us more sensitive to inequality
Study finds that prolonging dopamine's effects in the brain boosts compassionWhat if there were a pill that made you more compassionate and more likely to give spare change to someone less...
Finger lengths may indicate risk of schizophrenia in males
Research suggests that the ratio of the lengths of the index finger and the ring finger in males may be predictive of a variety of disorders related to disturbed hormonal balance.
Rat brains point to lead's role in schizophrenia
A study of the brains of rats exposed to lead has uncovered striking similarities with what is known about the brains of human schizophrenia patients, adding compelling evidence that lead is a factor...
Regional and rural Australians are turning to mobile technology for mental health care
Australians are turning increasingly to mobile technology to access the support and mental health care they need, overcoming isolation and the stigma surrounding mental illness.
Abnormal brain rhythms tied to problems with thinking in schizophrenia
Study of unique mouse model shows cognitive deficits may be reversibleBy studying specially bred mice with specific developmental and cognitive traits resembling those seen in schizophrenia, UC...
Psychosis may be triggered by antibody reaction to brain protein
New research further explores the links between autoimmune disorders and psychosis symptoms, identifying an antibody response unique to children with psychosis.
Oxytocin may enhance social function in psychiatric disorders
Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, have shown inducing the release of brain oxytocin may be a viable therapeutic option for enhancing social function in...
Psychedelic drug use 'does not increase risk for mental health problems'
A new study suggests that the stereotype of LSD users developing psychosis is largely a myth, and that the drug may even have some beneficial properties.
Most states have implemented prior authorization policies for atypical antipsychotic prescribing to children
With a concern about inappropriate prescribing of antipsychotic medications to children, 31 states have implemented prior authorization policies for atypical antipsychotic prescribing, mostly...
Brain waves
Basal forebrain neurons fine-tune consciousness by synchronizing rhythms in the cortexLike musical sounds, different states of mind are defined by distinct, characteristic waveforms, recognizable...
With kids' antipsychotic treatment on the rise, study looks at prescriber decision-making
More kids nationwide are taking medications designed to treat such mental illnesses as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and pediatricians and psychiatrists at the University of Vermont want to...
Medicare and patients with schizophrenia could save $150 million on Part D plans
Using an "intelligent," rather than random, method for assigning people with schizophrenia to Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage plans could save Medicare and patients a combined $150...
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