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Dr Nano
International imaging effort unlocks brain secrets
An international study, which included researchers from NUI Galway, has identified significant genetic factors that influence the size of structures within the brain.
Why should adolescents with psychological symptoms be asked about hallucinations?
Visual distortions and hallucinations related to an elevated risk of psychosis are linked to self-destructive thought processes among adolescents with psychological symptoms, tells the recent study...
Shared pathways discovered for psychiatric disorders
Nancy Buccola, MSN, APRN, PMHCNS-BC, CNE, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing at LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing, contributed samples used in a study reporting shared genetic risk...
Newron announces results of Phase I study of NW-3509, Phase II study in schizophrenia patients planned for Q2 2015
Newron Pharmaceuticals S.p.A., a research and development company focused on novel CNS and pain therapies, has announced the completion of the first in man US Phase I study of its novel sodium...
Medical treatments for cancer and addiction may one day come from cone snail venom
While considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, snails have found a more intriguing use to scientists and the medical profession offering a plethora of research possibilities.
Is schizophrenia one disease... or eight?
Researchers have struggled to pinpoint which genes are responsible for schizophrenia. A new study finds that 42 gene networks contribute to eight distinct kinds of schizophrenia.
Gray matter loss and the inflamed brain in the development of psychosis
The thickness of cortical brain tissue progressively reduces as individuals develop psychosis, according to researchers of a large, multi-site study of young adults at clinical high risk.
Data published confirming sigma-1 receptor's beneficial direct interaction with cannabinoid receptor
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. welcomes new data published in the current issue of the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology (IJNP) revealing that the sigma-1 receptor, the Company's drug...
Automated method detects activity of mouse neurons during specific behaviors, brainwide, at cellular resolution
Most people have seen fMRI scans of the human brain. These use a technology called functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify portions of the brain that are active while a subject is being...
Study identifies part of brain key to controlling attention
For the first time, researchers have convincingly identified an ensemble of neurons in the brain that is crucial to focusing attention and ignoring distractions.
High intelligence linked to reduced risk of schizophrenia
People with a high IQ may be at lower risk of schizophrenia than those with low intelligence, particularly if they have a genetic susceptibility to the disorder, a study finds.
Obese people with serious mental illness benefit most from health coaching coupled with gym membership
A health promotion program, called In SHAPE, specifically designed for people with serious mental illness, produced more fit participants and significant weight loss than a control group where...
'Master regulator' gene - long tied to autism disorders - stimulates other genes in early brain development
Chemical modifications to DNA's packaging - known as epigenetic changes - can activate or repress genes involved in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and early brain development, according to a new...
Neural pathway identified that controls attention has implications for psychiatric disorders
The next time you are in a crowded room, or a meeting, or even at the park with your kids, take a look around. How many people are on their phone? Distractions invade every aspect of our lives.
Discovery of novel drug target may lead to better treatment for schizophrenia
Scientists at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) have identified a novel drug target that could lead to the development of better antipsychotic medications.Dr.
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