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Learning animations medical animation training are learning aids. Medical educational videos and training animated video will be produced by medical animation studios rated one of the top medical animation studios on the east coast. Character and medical simulations used for medical education animations company marketing educational video presentations.

Dr Nano
Success as a female doctor: What is the recipe?
Find out what doctors at different career stages told us about their definition of success and what the biggest threats to their success are.
The top five social media tools for physicians
Using social media allows doctors to connect with colleagues and patients. We show you which platforms are best and how to get started.
Personal branding for doctors: Being yourself can enhance your practice
Make the most of how others perceive you by consciously defining and actively managing your brand. Find out how to get started in this article.
A day in the life of a general practitioner
A GP’s role is bewilderingly diverse: from newborn to grandparent, and from alopecia to zygomycosis. In this article, we walk a mile in one GP's shoes.
Doctors: Too busy for a book club? Join a virtual one
In this article, we check out how a book discussion on Twitter can allow people from all over the globe to connect - and it's not just for doctors.
Checklist program reduced large-scale post-surgery deaths
After voluntary introduction of a WHO surgical checklist for reducing avoidable risks in 14 hospitals, there was a significant drop in post-surgery deaths.
A doctor's life-enhancing experience of working on a humanitarian TB project
Tuberculosis is the deadliest infectious disease worldwide. What happened when a doctor from Northern Ireland went to Georgia to work with TB patients?
Navigating vaccine hesitancy: What can the physician do?
Why are some parents concerned about vaccines? Learn what physicians can do to help parents understand the importance of vaccines for their children.
Spotting the vaccine-preventable diseases that are back in the waiting room
Measles, mumps, whooping cough, and tuberculosis are making a comeback. Why is spotting the symptoms in some cases like detective work?
Many new doctors may be posting unprofessional content on Facebook
When researchers searched Facebook for the public accounts of all urologists who graduated from US residency programs in 2015, they found that a substantial proportion of these accounts contained...
Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell: A heroine for women
Dr. Blackwell overcame many obstacles to become the first female doctor in America. We look at how her achievements led the way for women in medicine.
US patients treated by international doctors have lower death rates than those treated by home trained doctors
In the United States, patient death rates are lower for internationally trained graduates than for graduates from a US medical school, despite international graduates caring for patients with...
Gender gap in medicine remains in the spotlight in 2016
Medical News Today reflect on some of the gender gap articles in research, work-life balance, and pay for physicians that have been reported in 2016.
Doctors need to develop broader skill of empathy
Developing a broader skill of empathy is a more realistic goal for medical students and doctors than urging them to be more compassionate.
Frequent simulation-based training may improve CPR proficiency among hospital staff
A new training model improved CPR skills in a clinical setting according to research presented during the Resuscitation Science Symposium at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions...
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