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Pharmaceutical marketing companies use medical animation pharmaceutical educational method of action video.  Create your own custom 3d computer medical animation.  Pharma medical animation is the perfect marketing and educational tool.  Professional medical voice overs and medical script writing services.
Dr Nano
Heart failure patients, clinicians have differing perceptions of risk level
Physicians identified a majority of patients with advanced heart failure as at high risk for transplant, left ventricular assist device (LVAD) or death while few of those patients considered...
Can patients record doctor's visits? What does the law say?
Traffic stops, office conversations, and even doctor's visits - more and more people today are choosing to record life's encounters.
Physicians: Can social media make or break your career?
Avoid the pitfalls of common social media mistakes. We show you how to make the most of social media and which guidelines to follow.
Preventing hospital-related deaths due to medical errors - 'We can and must do better'
How many patients die in the hospital as a result of preventable medical errors?
Sexual transmission of HIV and the law: Caution advised
The criminal justice system should exercise caution in prosecuting for the transmission of HIV by considering the rapidly evolving science of the virus, say a number of leading clinicians and...
Study of euthanasia trends in Belgium has lessons for other countries
A new study on euthanasia trends in Belgium, which shows an increase in reported cases since legislation was introduced, provides lessons for countries that have legalized assisted dying.
Landmark asbestosis ruling is good news for sufferers, UK
Court of Appeal rules entitlement to proportional compensation from as low as 2.3%.
Canada's plans to legalize marijuana contravene UN's international conventions
The Canadian government's plan to legalize marijuana contravenes its current legal obligations to the United Nation's international drug-control conventions, states a commentary in CMAJ (Canadian...
Oklahoma researchers find that a biological 'good guy' has a dark side
A pair of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation scientists have discovered that an enzyme previously thought only to be beneficial could, in fact, pose significant danger to developing embryos.
Handwashing gets skipped a third of the time in outpatient healthcare
Despite having policies in place to prevent infections, staff at outpatient care facilities fail to follow recommendations for hand hygiene 37 percent of the time, and for safe injection practices...
Sepsis: What you need to know
Sepsis occurs when a bacterial infection reaches the blood, and the immune system has a strong reaction that can cause organ failure. This frequently fatal condition can be difficult to identify and may be mistaken for another severe illness. Learn more about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of sepsis, here.
Doctor raises serious questions about medical awards system
Club culture' in British medicine must be replaced, argues senior heart doctor.
Small number of physicians linked to many malpractice claims, Stanford researchers say
A substantial share of all malpractice claims in the United States is attributable to a small number of physicians, according to a study led by researchers at Stanford University and the University...
Low reflective ability is risk for professionalism lapses during medical school and beyond
Might it be possible to identify and then reach out to help medical students whose actions may put them at risk of lapses in professionalism in medical school and beyond?
Texas laws would limit access to abortions and create grave risk to the public health
High Court will hear arguments on Whole Woman's Health v. Cole in March; Decision expected in late June.
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