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Immune System Animations

Inflammation animations, immunodeficiencies animations

3d medical illustrations of inflammation and medical illustrations immunodeficiencies. Animation Studio located on the east coast will create top notch hi-res illustrations for the medical marketing community. Custom 3d medical simulations for medical device companies and trade show marketing. Power point medical animation can be produced.

Dr Nano
Five possible health benefits of pineapple juice
Pineapples are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. In this article, we examine some of the health benefits that can come with drinking pineapple juice.
Gut bacteria may protect infants from intestinal infection
New research in mice offers evidence that Clostridia gut bacteria could protect against the complications of gastrointestinal infections in infants.
Variation in interpretation of allergy tests in UK and Europe
A new survey has shown there are large variations in the use and interpretation of a new type of allergy test (component testing) by doctors in the UK and Europe.
Scientists uncover mechanism allowing bacteria to survive the human immune system
Researchers have uncovered molecular details of how pathogenic bacteria fight back against the human immune response to infection.
Research team discovers how immunotherapy can fight some cancers
What if our immune system could cure cancer? This logic seems almost too simple to be true, but it forms the basis of an emerging cancer treatment - immunotherapy.
New study explains extraordinary resilience of deadly bacterium
Researchers at the University of Maryland have identified how the pathogenic bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa uses tension-activated membrane channels to stop itself from swelling up and bursting...
New evidence: Defective HIV proviruses hinder immune system response and cure
Researchers at Johns Hopkins and George Washington universities report new evidence that proteins created by defective forms of HIV long previously believed to be harmless actually interact with...
Top research projects from the University of Illinois at Chicago
Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago are constantly pushing boundaries. In this Spotlight feature, we will discuss some recent advances.
Immune system can spot tell-tale change in identity of cancer antigens - study
A new study has identified novel mechanisms whereby T cells may be able to distinguish an emerging class of targets specifically increased on cancer cells.
Experimental drug targets nucleus of allergen-sensitized cells
Transcription factors, the tiny proteins that switch genes on or off in the nucleus of cells, are considered unreachable molecular targets for drugs attempting to treat medical conditions.
Chaining up diarrhea pathogens
Vaccinations are known to protect against pathogens such as bacteria or viruses.
Frog skin compound destroys flu virus
Researchers have identified a compound secreted from the skin of the South Indian Hydrophylax bahuvistara frog that may kill some strains of the flu virus.
Synthetic sugar against autoimmune diseases
Researchers are working on an innovative approach to treat a rare autoimmune disease of the peripheral nervous system, using a kind of molecular sponge made of sugar to remove pathogenic antibodies...
Specialized blood vessels enhance tumor-fighting immunotherapy
Scientists from VIB and KU Leuven, together with colleagues from the University of California and the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research have demonstrated that , anti-angiogenic...
More than a 'gut feeling' on cause of age-associated inflammation
Gut microbes cause age-associated inflammation and premature death in mice, McMaster University researchers have found.
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