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Immune System Animations

Inflammation animations, immunodeficiencies animations

3d medical illustrations of inflammation and medical illustrations immunodeficiencies. Animation Studio located on the east coast will create top notch hi-res illustrations for the medical marketing community. Custom 3d medical simulations for medical device companies and trade show marketing. Power point medical animation can be produced.

Dr Nano
Mefloquine fails to replace Sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine for malaria prevention during pregnancy
Clara Menendez from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Spain, and colleagues report in PLOS Medicine, results from two large randomized controlled trials conducted in Africa to...
Health officials urge flu vaccination for all, including healthy adults
Influenza vaccination coverage estimates show an encouraging upward trend overall, but coverage among healthy 18 to 64 year-olds has yet to top 40 percent, according to new data announced at a news...
Newborn babies have stronger immune systems than previously thought
Contrary to what was previously thought, newborn immune T cells may have the ability to trigger an inflammatory response to bacteria, according to a new study led by King's College London.
Vectored immunoprophylaxis: a new way to prevent the spread of devastating diseases
For decades, researchers have tried to develop broadly effective vaccines to prevent the spread of illnesses such as HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis.
Bubonic plague offers new insights that could improve treatments for infections
Dangerous new pathogens such as the Ebola virus invoke scary scenarios of deadly epidemics, but even ancient scourges such as the bubonic plague are still providing researchers with new insights on...
Freeing the immune system to destroy cancer
Research led by Paulo Rodriguez, PhD, an assistant research professor of Microbiology, Immunology & Parasitology at LSU Health New Orleans' Stanley S.
Dry-roasted peanuts more likely trigger for allergy
New study of mice finds dry-roasted peanuts are more likely to trigger allergy than raw peanuts, likely because dry roasting produces chemicals that prime the immune system.
Premature deaths could be reduced by 40% over next 20 years
New research published in The Lancet suggests that, with sustained international efforts, the number of premature deaths could be reduced by 40% over the next two decades (2010-2030), halving...
Suggested change to patient care after glaucoma laser surgery
New research led by Queen's University professor Robert Campbell (Ophthalmology) has revealed using anti-inflammatory medications after glaucoma laser surgery is not helpful or necessary.
In some HIV sufferers, the immune system does not fight off the virus but tolerates the pathogen
A research team headed by ETH Zurich has now determined how strongly patients differ in their tolerance and upon which factors it depends.
Plant-derived compound 'may effectively treat lupus with fewer side effects'
Researchers from the University of Houston, TX, say a plant-derived compound called CDDO halted development of lupus nephritis in mice and produced no significant side effects.
Experimental vaccine for catheter-related urinary tract infections
The most common type of hospital-associated infection may be preventable with a vaccine, new research in mice suggests.
Healthy humans 'harbor an average of five viruses'
Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, claim the human body harbors an average of five harmful viruses, including human papillomavirus and herpesvirus.
Preparing for pandemics using cost-effective public health measures
Key results from a €1million European Commission project have been presented at the Fifth ESWI Influenza Conference in Riga (Latvia), attended by around 700 scientific experts and decision...
Hypertension may be initiated by an autoimmune response
High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attack, stroke, chronic heart failure, and kidney disease.
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