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Immune System Animations

Inflammation animations, immunodeficiencies animations

3d medical illustrations of inflammation and medical illustrations immunodeficiencies. Animation Studio located on the east coast will create top notch hi-res illustrations for the medical marketing community. Custom 3d medical simulations for medical device companies and trade show marketing. Power point medical animation can be produced.

Dr Nano
Scientists uncover potential trigger to kill cancer
Melbourne researchers have discovered a new way of triggering cell death, in a finding that could lead to drugs to treat cancer and autoimmune disease.
Why malnutrition is an immune disorder
Malnourished children are most likely to die from common infections, not starvation alone, and immune disorder may be part of the cause, according to a review led by Queen Mary University of London.
Does discrimination contribute to lower rates of flu vaccination in racial/ethnic minorities?
Yearly flu shots are strongly recommended for adults with certain chronic illnesses, but patients of racial/ethnic minority groups are less likely to receive them.
Cancer immunotherapy 'takes the brakes off natural killer cells'
Researchers suggest removing a protein that acts as a brake on natural killer cells could boost the immune system's ability to destroy cancer cells.
Does sepsis keep killing months later?
Researchers set out to discover if the risk of death from sepsis continues even after the acute infection has been cured.It's known that many patients die in the months and years after sepsis.
Ovarian cancer: Immunotherapy may overcome chemotherapy resistance
One barrier to successful ovarian cancer treatment is that eventually the cancer becomes resistant to chemotherapy. Researchers suggest immunotherapy may be a way to overcome this.
Zika virus protein could be vaccine target
A viral protein known as NS5 is a promising target for vaccines against Zika and related viruses, according to National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists and colleagues at Mount Sinai's Icahn...
You are what you eat: Immune cells remember their first meal
Scientists at the University of Bristol have identified the trigger for immune cells' inflammatory response - a discovery that may pave the way for new treatments for many human diseases.
Combining radiation with immunotherapy showing promise against melanoma
Combining radiation treatments with a new generation of immunotherapies is showing promise as a one-two-punch against melanoma, Loyola Medicine researchers report in the Journal of Radiation...
Healthy intestinal flora keeps the mind sharp - with some help from the immune system
A special kind of immune cell serves as an intermediary between gut bacteria and the brain. Dr.
Fighting cancer with the help of someone else's immune cells
A new step in cancer immunotherapy: researchers from the University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital and the Netherlands Cancer Institute show that even if one's own immune cells cannot recognize...
Strategy for depleting immune cells implicated in asthma-associated inflammation
Patients with asthma have chronic lung inflammation that results in sporadic narrowing of the airways and difficulty breathing.
Drones to deliver blood supplies in Rwanda
A new project in Rwanda will use drones to deliver essential medical supplies, such as blood for transfusions, to remote regions of the country.
Cancer can be combated with reprogrammed macrophage cells
Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have generated antibodies that reprogramme a type of macrophage cell in the tumour, making the immune system better able to recognise and kill tumour...
Fine-tuning for intestinal immune cells
An international team of researchers under the leadership of the LIMES Institute and the excellence cluster ImmunoSensation of the University of Bonn unraveled a new regulatory mechanism how food...
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