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Immune System Animations

Inflammation animations, immunodeficiencies animations

3d medical illustrations of inflammation and medical illustrations immunodeficiencies. Animation Studio located on the east coast will create top notch hi-res illustrations for the medical marketing community. Custom 3d medical simulations for medical device companies and trade show marketing. Power point medical animation can be produced.

Dr Nano
Experimental drug 'successfully treated doctor who contracted Ebola'
A drug currently being tested against vascular leakage successfully treated a doctor who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, according to a new report published in The Lancet.
Developments in oral immunization delivery viewed as potential weapon to combat global health threats
Scientists at The Forsyth Institute and Tufts University have succeeded in describing and validating a unique system of oral vaccine delivery using a common bacteria found in the mouth.
Protein implicated in allergic reactions to medications
Reachers have discovered a single protein that could be to blame for allergic reactions to certain meds; their findings could lessen drug side effects for many patients.
In mouse model, immune cells in brain respond to fat in diet, increasing hunger
Immune cells perform a previously unsuspected role in the brain that may contribute to obesity, according to a new study by UC San Francisco researchers.
Kidney dialysis: taming the inflammatory response
Frequent kidney dialysis is essential for the approximately 350,000 end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients in the United States.
Universal dengue vaccine steps closer with antibodies discovery
In a move toward a universal dengue vaccine, researchers report finding a class of antibodies that can neutralize all four types of virus produced from human or mosquito cells.
Study highlights importance of nutritional immunity in fighting infectious disease
Examination of DNA from 21 primate species - from squirrel monkeys to humans - exposes an evolutionary war against infectious bacteria over iron that circulates in the host's bloodstream.
Shape of antibody makes a difference in fighting cancer
Scientists have found that the precise shape of an antibody can make a big difference in cancer immunotherapy - treatments that help the immune system target and kill cancer cells.
Genes expressed during urinary tract infections suggest next-generation treatment
Urinary tract infections can occur with no apparent cause, and as effectiveness of antibiotics fades, treating them is also becoming less predictable.
Immune function marker does not predict benefit of trastuzumab in HER-2+ breast cancer
A marker of immune function that predicts for better outcomes in patients treated with chemotherapy for triple negative breast cancer is also linked to improved prognosis in patients treated with...
Early trial of new drug shows promise for patients with triple-negative breast cancer
In patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer--a disease with no approved targeted therapies--infusion of pembrolizumab produced durable responses in almost one out of five patients...
Extraversion, conscientiousness linked to immune system function
People who are extraverts may benefit from a stronger immune system, while conscientious people may have a weaker one, according to a new study.
Flu shots for school kids fights flu in others too
Mathematical models predicted it, and now a University of Florida study confirms it: Immunizing school-aged children from flu can protect other segments of the population, as well.
Gene test for ankylosing spondylitis steps closer
A gene test for individuals predisposed to ankylosing spondylitis steps closer, as researchers tie the rheumatic disease to particular variations of the immune system enzyme ERAP1.
Drug developed at Pitt proves effective against antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs'
A treatment pioneered at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research (CVR) is far more effective than traditional antibiotics at inhibiting the growth of drug-resistant bacteria...
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