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Tres 3D medical illustrations and computer medical graphics studio combines a broad base of knowledge with 3d animation experience. Using the latest tools and software techniques, Tres3d creates effects that stimulate and inspire audiences. From video game development to complex medical simulations, medical simulations, computer medical animations, architectural rendering, dynamic motion medical graphics and 3d animation,

Client list:

Tres 3d has been around since 1998 and worked for a wide array of medical companies:

IBM, Nabisco, Special Olympics, Bank of America, Glaxo Smith Kline, Unilever, Tony Robbins, Global Health Council, Special Olympics, Ingersoll Rand, Duramed, Medeikon, Metagenics and Johnson & Johnson.

Tres3d Capabilities

Medical Simulations (moa's), Medical Animation, 3D Medical Medical Illustrations,l iquid Simulations, Computer Medical, Hair and Fur, Flash Animation Output

Character Animation, Product Simulations- Photo Real or Illustrative (toon shaded), Trade Show Demos, Story Boards, Print Renderings, Illustrations, Environmental Dynamics (wind, rain, snow), CAD Conversions ( ie: conversion from IGES format to a usable 3d animation file format), Flash Animation (2d and 3d), Video Encoding, Post Production, Motion Graphics

Fungus Medical Visualization

Dust Mite Medical Illustration

Brain Illustration Medical 3D

Medical Device 3D Animation

Blood Vessel Image Animation Medical

Body Illustration Animated Medical Illustration

Monoclonal Antibodies MOA

Monoclonal Antibodies Process

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Heart Medical holo Illustration

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Human Skeleton Holographic

Medical Device Holo Stent

Red Blood Cell Image Scientific Visualization

3D Illustration Blood Vessel

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3D Man Model

3D Man on Back Computer Graphics

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Stomach 3d Man Image

Mechanical Method of Action

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Scientific Visualization Blood Flow

3D Heart Computer Graphics

Dr Nano
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