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Medical Animation Studio produces clinical animations and clinical illustrations.  Custom 3d trail illustrations and clinical illustrations for e learning can also be produced.   Biotechnology animations and biotechnology illustrations created for biotech companies and biotechnology marketing companies.
Biotechnology animated method of action video. 
Dr Nano
Love may be the cure for drunkenness
Oxytocin is a hormone that plays a role in social and sexual behavior. Now, in a rat study, researchers have found that oxytocin also appears to prevent alcohol intoxication.
ESPERITE (Euronext ESP) pioneers first treatment worldwide of Cerebral Palsy using two types of stem cells
The clinical trial aims to demonstrate safety and preliminary efficacy of sequential intravenous infusion of the ex vivo expanded mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) derived from cord tissue and the cord...
Baricitinib superior to placebo in reducing rheumatoid arthritis disease activity in second Phase 3 study
Eli Lilly and Company and Incyte Corporation have announced that the investigational medicine baricitinib demonstrated a statistically significant improvement compared to placebo in a second...
Inflectra (infliximab) patient registry reports interim results in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Data have been presented today on the use of Hospira's Inflectra (infliximab), the world's first approved biosimilar monoclonal antibody (mAb), at the European Crohn's and Colitis Organisation...
Development of personalized cellular therapy for brain cancer
Preclinical study results pave the way for newly opened clinical trial of immune cells engineered to attack protein found on tumors in 30 percent of patients with glioblastomaImmune cells...
'Precision medicine' model may help prevent diabetes in at-risk population
New research published in The BMJ details the development of a 'precision medicine' model that could predict the best ways to prevent diabetes in those at high risk.
Statins may not protect against Parkinson's after all, study finds
Some previous studies have suggested that statins offer protective benefits against Parkinson's. However, a new study suggests statins may actually increase Parkinson's risk.
Significant findings in U.S. National Institutes of Health's trial of pluristem's PLX-R18 cells for treatment of acute radiation syndrome
Pluristem Therapeutics Inc., a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapy products, has announced the positive results of a recently completed trial conducted by the U.S.
Nano-sized 'drones' deliver targeted drugs and repair arteries
Scientists have shown they can repair fatty plaques in arteries by delivering therapeutics directly via 'drone'-like nanoparticles that push their way in and stick to the lesions.
Ground-breaking lung cancer breath test in clinical trial
A clinical trial led by University of Leicester respiratory experts into a potentially ground-breaking 'breath test' to detect lung cancer is set to get underway at the Glenfield Hospital in...
Bacterial DNA can be passed to offspring in mother's body
For the first time, research has demonstrated that bacteria-influenced genetic traits can be passed from parent to child in a mouse model.
Anavex confirms positive preclinical epilepsy data for ANAVEX 2-73
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. has confirmed positive preclinical data for its lead drug candidate ANAVEX 2-73 for the potential treatment of epilepsy, validating it also as a prospective platform drug...
Epilepsy drug shows promise for reducing stroke-induced brain damage
A drug FDA-approved for treating epilepsy - retigabine - may also be effective for reducing brain damage following ischemic stroke, according to a new study.
Study finds no reason for cancer survivors to be excluded in advanced stage lung cancer trials
The common practice of excluding patients with a prior cancer diagnosis from lung cancer clinical trials may not be justified, according to a study by researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center.
'Smart insulin' shows promise in mice with type 1 diabetes
One injection of a type of insulin that activates itself when blood sugar is high kept blood sugar levels normal for at least 14 hours in mice with a form of type 1 diabetes.
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