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Medical Animation Studio produces clinical animations and clinical illustrations.  Custom 3d trail illustrations and clinical illustrations for e learning can also be produced.   Biotechnology animations and biotechnology illustrations created for biotech companies and biotechnology marketing companies.
Biotechnology animated method of action video. 
Dr Nano
Additions to standard multiple myeloma therapy do not appear to yield additional benefit
Largest randomized trial finds second round of chemotherapy or stem cell transplant does not improve progression-free survival.
New data shed light on potential advantages of pacritinib for patients with myelofibrosis
Pacritinib, currently on hold by the FDA, appears to be more effective in reducing spleen volume; twice-daily dose improves symptoms - this analysis comes from data before the clinical hold.
Cancer drug ibrutinib found helpful in treating graft versus host disease after transplant
Ibrutinib could be promising new option for patients who don't respond to corticosteroid treatment.
Experimental drug for spinal muscular atrophy shows promising early results, prompting phase 3 clinical trial
A new drug for spinal muscular atrophy has shown promising early results in a phase 2 trial involving 20 babies with infantile-onset spinal muscular atrophy.
Combination immune therapy shows promise against Hodgkin lymphoma
The combination of two new drugs that harness the body's immune system is safe and effective, destroying most cancer cells in 64 percent of patients with recurrent Hodgkin lymphoma, according to...
Nivolumab with chemotherapy improves response, survival in AML study patients
The immunotherapy drug nivolumab in combination with standard chemotherapy more than doubled response rates and improved overall survival in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), according to...
Phase I trial shows that a drug that inhibits the Notch signalling process is active in a range of advanced cancers
A new anti-cancer drug that inhibits a key cell signalling process involved in many different cancers has shown that it is capable of stopping the progression of cancer and shrinking tumours.
Advanced soft tissue sarcomas respond to a combination of a new and an existing anti-cancer drug
Researchers working to find effective treatments for soft tissue sarcomas have discovered that combining a new anti-cancer drug with an existing one kills cancer cells not only in the laboratory...
Alzheimer's: Are we on the right path to new drugs?
Following the news that Alzheimer's drug solanezumab has failed clinical trials, we look at whether researchers are on the right track for new treatments
Eli Lilly Alzheimer's drug fails to show benefits in final stage clinical trial
Eli Lilly and Company has announced that their drug solanezumab has failed to meet its primary endpoint of slowing cognitive decline in people with mild Alzheimer's disease.
Rheumatoid arthritis drugs - direct switch has a beneficial effect
For the first time, a multicentre study headed up by MedUni Vienna has compared the action of two rheumatoid arthritis drugs from the same class.
Phase 3 Bridge study showed romosozumab significantly increased bone mineral density in men with osteoporosis
UCB and Amgen have announced results from the Phase 3 BRIDGE study showing that in men with osteoporosis, the investigational agent romosozumab resulted in significant bone mineral density (BMD)...
Take multiple biopsies in studies of personalised breast cancer treatments, study says
New research finds taking single biopsy can miss key genetic mutations that could influence drug susceptibility and resistance.
Case report on long-term survival of kidney cancer patients treated with AGS-003 individualized immunotherapy published
Argos Therapeutics Inc., an immuno-oncology company focused on the development and commercialization of individualized immunotherapies based on the Arcelis® technology platform, today announced...
Publication of positive Phase 1 study results for EB-101 gene therapy clinical trial for epidermolysis bullosa
Abeona Therapeutics Inc. a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on delivering gene therapies for life-threatening rare diseases, announced that positive clinical trial results from the...
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