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3d mad cow graphics and 3d mad cow animations. CJD animations can also be created by Tres 3d. Encephalopathy graphics and 3d encephalopathy animations and encephalopathy illustrations. Scrapie 3d graphics and scrapie animations all custom created from one of the top animation studios. Spongiform illustrations 3d spongiform animated medical graphics.

Dr Nano
Could type 2 diabetes be transmissible?
New research finds a mechanism in type 2 diabetes that is similar to a group of transmissible neurodegenerative disorders called prion disorders.
New blood test for prion disease looks promising
A new biochemical test that detects prions in blood shows promise for early, pre-symptom diagnosis of vCJD and improving safety of blood supply.
Mutant prion protein could help reveal neurodegenerative disease mechanisms
For the first time, scientists have isolated a mutated prion protein that can multiply in the lab but not in living animals, according to a PLOS Pathogens study.
Fruit fly model of deadly brain diseases could lead to blood test for vCJD
A new model of fatal brain diseases is being developed in the fruit fly by a team led by Dr Raymond Bujdoso at the University of Cambridge, and could lead to a low cost, fast and efficient blood...
A urine test to diagnose Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease may be possible
Researchers at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Prion Unit at UCL have found that it may be possible to determine whether or not a person has sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (sCJD) by testing...
Cascade of events leading to prion disease described
New experiments in mice now enable researchers to evaluate disease progression and potential therapeutic interventions in vivo, according to a new report in The American Journal of Pathology.
Impact of prion proteins on the nerves revealed for the first time
When prion proteins mutate, they trigger mad cow and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Although they are found in virtually every organism, the function of these proteins remained unclear.
How prions kill neurons: new culture system shows early toxicity to dendritic spines
Prion diseases are fatal and incurable neurodegenerative conditions of humans and animals. Yet, how prions kill nerve cells (or neurons) remains unclear.
New assay offers improved detection of deadly prion diseases
Timed amyloid seeding assay achieves or surpasses sensitivity of currently available tests for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, according to a report in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.
It's complicated: benefits and toxicity of anti-prion antibodies in the brain
Immunotherapy to ameliorate neurodegeneration by targeting brain protein aggregates with antibodies is an area of intense investigation.
Alzheimer-type brain pathology after transplantation of dura mater
Up to now Alzheimer's disease has not been recognised as transmissible. Now researchers at the University of Zurich and the Medical University Vienna demonstrated Alzheimer-type pathology in brains...
Parkinson's disease: New insights into a traveling protein
A laboratory study indicates that one of the main proteins involved in Parkinson's disease pathology does not behave as a 'prion' In Parkinson's disease, the protein "alpha-synuclein" aggregates...
Alzheimer's may be a collection of diseases that should be treated separately
It is essential to carefully characterize and classify the mechanisms that underlie Alzheimer's disease, in order to allow for the development of novel therapies that can be prescribed according to...
From good to bad with a copper switch: Here's the mechanism that creates prions, the 'bad' proteins
At the molecular level, the difference between Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde lies in a metal, copper.
Prion disease detected soon after infection and in surprising place in mouse brains
Prion diseases--incurable, ultimately fatal, transmissible neurodegenerative disorders of mammals--are believed to develop undetected in the brain over several years from infectious prion protein.
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