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Using medical interactivity in medical presentations can add to trade show presentations and method of action videos. Elearning medical education uses MOA's to educate the consumer. Top medical companies are using e learning by added medical interactive animations to their medical websites and medical education programs. Medical e learning can be produced by Tres 3d medical animation studio. Instructional medical method of action videos and e learning interactive animations are an invaluable tool for medical marketing. Custom Bio-terrorism animation can also be produced by tres3d MedicalAnimationStudio, one of the top medical e learning companies on the east coast.
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Bioterrorism: Should we be worried?
The term 'biological warfare' is well-known. In this article, we delve into the details of its history, current status, and potential future.
Study identifies an enzyme inhibitor to treat Gulf War illness symptoms
Scientists shed light on the neurological consequences of exposure to low-levels of nerve agents and suggest a drug that could treat some of the toxins' effects.
Scientists find simple copper complex shuts down botulinum neurotoxin poisoning
Clostridium botulinum is the bacterium that causes the neurointoxication, which produces one of the most potent toxins on earth and is classified as a potential bioterrorism threat.
80-year-old 'viable' anthrax strain debunked using advanced genomic sequencing
A team of international researchers has found that a strain of anthrax-causing bacterium thought to have been viable 80 years after a thwarted World War I espionage attack, was, in reality, a much...
Anthrax spores use RNA coat to mislead immune system
Researchers from Harvard Medical School have discovered that the body's immune system initially detects the presence of anthrax spores by recognizing RNA molecules that coat the spores' surface.
Researchers sequence genome from 1979 Russian anthrax outbreak
Analyzing small pieces of tissue from nearly 40-year-old human autopsies, Arizona researchers have sequenced the genome of the strain of Bacillus anthracis that caused a deadly anthrax outbreak in...
Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Have the long-term effects been exaggerated?
Atomic bombs dropped on Japan killed around 200,000 people in 1945. A new analysis investigates the 60-year health impact on survivors and their offspring.
Gene discovery may lead to better treatments for tendon injury
Insights into the molecular network of a gene called Mkx should help improve the study of tendon physiology and lead to new treatments for tendon injury.
New drug against nerve agents in sight
The nerve agent sarin causes a deadly overstimulation of the nervous system that can be stopped if treated with an antidote within minutes of poisoning.
Particulate vaccine delivery systems may help protect against infectious disease outbreaks and bioterror threats
Most traditional vaccines have safety and efficacy issues, whereas particulate vaccine delivery systems - which utilize nano- or micro-particulate carriers to protect and deliver antigens - are...
FDA approves new treatment for inhalation anthrax
On Friday, March 18, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Anthim (obiltoxaximab) injection to treat inhalational anthrax in combination with appropriate antibacterial drugs.
Assessment of surgical danger when surgeons remove implanted small arms ammunition
In the paper "Stratification of risk to the surgical team in removal of small arms ammunition implanted in the craniofacial region: case report, by Jonathan A.
UTSA professor's new study explores the mind of a cyberterrorist
A new study by Max Kilger, director of Data Analytics Programs at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) College of Business, is delving into an aspect of cybersecurity rarely explored before...
New clues for battling botulism
Scientists decipher details of deadly toxin's cloaking mechanism that could guide development of new vaccines, treatments.Scientists at the U.S.
Why is the San Bernardino shooting rare among mass shootings?
The shooting in San Bernardino, CA yesterday marked the 355th mass shooting in the United States in less than as many days in 2015.
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