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Biochemistry Animation and Medical E Learning

Cellular Animations – Nanotechnology Animations

Medial animations can be created for biology animations and medical e learning projects. Cellular Animations and Nanotechnology Animations produced custom in house.  3D medical models are used in each medical e learning presentation. E learning is a valuable tool for medical marketing companies product education. Learning institutions are using on line medical e learning as part of their require classes. Medical e learning is a combination of medical interaction with the medical animation.

Dr Nano
Brain's 'support cells' play active role in memory and learning
Glial cells don't just support neurons, the brain's information processors. In pruning synapses, they also play a role in learning and memory, says study.
Is vitamin D deficiency to blame for lung disease?
New research from Johns Hopkins University has found that individuals with low blood levels of vitamin D may be more exposed to disabling lung disease.
Colon cancer: Scientists find new predisposition mechanism
New research finds a novel mechanism that genetically predisposes some people to the development of colon polyps and potentially cancer.
What can autopsies teach us about heart disease?
Are we overlooking an important source of clinical information by not using autopsy more in medical research? Several studies suggest the answer is 'yes.'
Do our guts have a say in our spatial memory?
New research suggests that our guts send signals to our brains that inform our spatial memory and ability to orient ourselves in our environment. How come?
Parkinson's: Could this 'missing link' be a cause?
Cell defects and genes have been separately identified in Parkinson's disease. Now, scientists suggest a faulty cell mechanism is the missing link.
How could designer proteins thwart cancer?
Cancer boosts the abnormal growth of cells by 'hijacking' sensitive molecular mechanisms. Can researchers fight back by designing specialized proteins?
MS: New findings may 'prevent future loss of brain cells'
Scientists have now identified a unique cell death mechanism behind the destruction of nerve insulation in MS, and an anti-inflammatory that blocks it.
Skull-drilling: The ancient roots of modern neurosurgery
How did ancient Peruvians master trepanation — drilling holes into the skull for medical or ritual reasons — which would later evolve into brain surgery?
Parkinson's: Vitamin B-3 may stop brain cell death
A Parkinson's study using human cells and a fly model found that a form of vitamin B-3 prevented the death of brain cells by preserving their mitochondria.
Seven (or more) things you didn't know about your brain
The brain is the main organ of the central nervous system. It regulates thought, emotion, and our physiological processes. What do we really know about it?
Tea tree oil may replace antibiotics in the fight against infections
Using antibacterial molecules derived from tea tree oil, researchers have created a bioactive coating that can keep bacteria away from medical devices.
Cancer: Using tiny bubbles to starve tumors
A study that tested the approach in rat tissue samples shows how tiny bubbles in blood vessels may be used to starve tumors or deliver chemotherapy drugs.
Vaginal bacteria may have a role in cervical cancer
A new study reveals that microbe composition and other conditions in the vagina are linked to the development of cervical cancer in all its stages.
Can this new discovery help us to eliminate brain cancer?
Brain cancer is often difficult to treat, as the tumors formed in this type of cancer are more resistant to therapy. Can we learn to bypass their defenses?
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