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Medical Animation Studio creates custom 3d medical illustrations and scientific visualization method of action videos. Using 3d models for interactive projects and medical websites. Medical mascots characters can also be created. Mascots designs for medical websites, commercials and medical tradeshow use. Interactive medical projects are used in trade show presentations with medical mascots design.

Dr Nano
Shy bladder: Causes and treatments
Shy bladder describes a condition where a person finds it difficult to urinate when there are other people nearby. It is usually caused by anxiety.
Box breathing for anxiety: Techniques and tips
Box breathing is a relaxation technique to help relieve anxiety. In this article, we look at how it works, and how to perform box breathing properly.
Brain's 'fear hub' generates neurons in adulthood
A new mouse study finds that the adult brain generates new neurons in a previously unknown area: the amygdala, also known as the brain's fear center.
Cannabis for pain and PTSD 'lacks high-quality evidence'
Systematic reviews of the scientific evidence suggest that it is of insufficient quality to support the use of cannabis for the treatment of PTSD and pain.
Stress heightens fear of threats from the past
Recognizing threats is an essential function of the human mind - think "fight or flight" - one that is aided by past negative experiences.
Embracing negative emotions could boost psychological well-being
In a bad mood? Researchers suggest that it might be worth embracing those negative emotions; it could benefit your psychological health.
Death anxiety: The fear that drives us?
Death anxiety is something that many of us may have felt to some degree, but how is it defined, what are its causes, and how is best to deal with it?
Long-term marijuana users show dampened stress response
Chronic marijuana users show lower subjective stress and salivary cortisol levels than non-users when placed under two stress conditions, study finds.
Hypersomnolence: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment
Hypersomnolence is a condition characterized by excessive sleepiness, regardless of how much sleep is had. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment.
Can we buy happiness? New research weighs in
New research suggests that regularly investing money in buying more time for ourselves - by hiring household help, for example - can make us happier.
Stressed out? Try talking to yourself in the third person
Two neuroscience experiments show that talking to yourself in the third person may help you to regain control of your emotions, with little cognitive cost.
Globus pharyngeus: What is this sensation?
Globus pharyngeus is the sensation of having something stuck in the throat. In this article, learn about the condition, its causes, and how to treat it.
What happens in the brain during anxiety? Study sheds light
A new study in monkeys has identified cells in the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain that are activated in response to uncertain outcomes.
Underdeveloped brain network after 30 may impact mental health
People who are underdeveloped in the brain region that is linked with inhibition after age 30 may be more likely to experience psychological problems.
Why are African Americans more likely to develop Alzheimer's?
A series of studies sheds new light on the racial disparities among Americans living with Alzheimer's disease. Stress and social adversity play a key role.
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