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Alzheimers Dementia

Medical animation studio will produce Alzheimers animation and dementia animation for medical educational purposes.

Dr Nano
Smoking and diabetes 'risk factors' for calcium buildup in brain
A study of brain CT scans of patients with memory problems found that diabetes and smoking were linked to hippocampal calcifications.
Even slightly elevated blood pressure increases dementia risk
Hypertension in middle age is known to increase the risk of dementia, but so far the specifics are unclear. A new study sheds fresh light on this matter.
Alcohol may prime the brain for Alzheimer's, but how?
Heavy drinking is a risk factor for the development of Alzheimer's. New research now reveals how alcohol may endanger the brain by impairing its defenses.
Research confirms that social interaction protects memory
Memory naturally declines with age, but a new study shows that there may be an easy way to protect it — namely, by staying socially active.
Link between depression and cognitive decline explored
Following an analysis of existing studies, researchers conclude that there is a link between depression and age-related cognitive decline.
'Early hearing loss could pave the way for dementia,' study says
Young people should take better care of their hearing, new research warns, or they may expose themselves to a heightened risk of cognitive impairments.
Parkinson's, dementia: Is this the key to preventive therapy?
A landmark study sheds light on the underlying mechanisms that impact neural health in Parkinson's disease and dementia. Can it lead to better treatments?
Cholesterol found to play a role in Alzheimer's
According to the latest study, cholesterol plays a role in the formation of plaques in Alzheimer's disease. The findings open new avenues for drug design.
New dementia risk factors uncovered
Using machine learning techniques, researchers reveal new dementia risks. They conclude that marital status, BMI, and sleep may all play a role.
Alzheimer's: Are changes in the brain's attention hub at fault?
As we grow older, we find it harder to stay focused, perhaps due to changes in the brain's attention hub. Could this also drive the onset of Alzheimer's?
Even mild TBI might raise dementia risk
A study that followed more than 350,000 veterans found a raised risk of dementia in those who had had TBI — even mild TBI without loss of consciousness.
New molecule may stop Alzheimer's from spreading
Researchers have found a small molecule that can block the spread of the toxic protein tau, a hallmark of Alzheimer's progression.
Could anxiety lead to dementia?
New research suggests that moderate to severe anxiety in midlife may be an independent risk factor for developing dementia in old age.
Alzheimer's: 'Music may make symptoms more manageable'
Alzheimer's disease can cause people living with it to experience severe anxiety as they try to navigate an unfamiliar world. Can music help them to cope?
These common drugs may raise your risk of dementia
A new study links long-term anticholinergic use for depression, Parkinson's, and loss of bladder control to raised risk of dementia up to 20 years later.
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